Make it a Do-It-Yourself Mother’s Day!

May 7, 2013

pots done

What would you be without your mother? Who would you be without your mother? You may not think about those questions too often, but they’re interesting to ponder. And after you do so, you’ll be wanting to give your mother the world come this Sunday–Mother’s Day.

Well, of course, you can’t give her the world, but you can take her to brunch, lunch or dinner at local favorite, Marly’s Place (formerly Crabby Oyster). They specialize in not only seafood, but home comforts too! Check out their menu and head to 15411 Dahlgren Road on May 12.

And as far as gifting for Mother’s Day goes, consider the homemade, DIY route. Fellow Fellow has awesome craft works including  do-it-yourself Mason Jar Votive that even I’m considering making! Another option is the Paint Dipped Ceramic Pot from The Lovely Cupboard with step by step instructions.

Make this Mother’s Day a special one and put some heart into your gift giving!





photo courtesy of TLC


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