How to Prevent Frozen Pipes and High Heating Bills in Your Dahlgren Rental Home

March 13, 2015

Daylight Saving Time is upon us, but we're not quite through winter yet. That means we need to remain mindful of ways that cold temperatures can affect our homes — and our wallets! Here are a few tips to help you prevent frozen pipes and high heating bills until spring finally arrives.

1) Turn down the heat. This one's a no-brainer, but it's easier said than done when the mercury plummets. Still, lowering the thermostat by even a few degrees can help you save on your heating bill — up to 10 percent! Bundle up in layers, pull on some warm socks, and use the chill as an excuse to snuggle with your friends and family. (A mug of hot cocoa or hot tea certainly won't hurt, either!) Don't go any lower than 55 degrees, though, or you'll run the risk of frozen pipes.

2) Insulate your windows. For less than $10, you can purchase temporary insulation for your windows at Dahlgren. This clear cling film adheres to the inside of windows and is easily removable come spring. It will help prevent drafts, keeping the heat where it belongs: indoors! This will also help prevent freezing pipes.

3) Open your cabinets. Open any bathroom and kitchen cabinet doors that enclose pipes. This will allow the warm air from the rest of your rental home to reach the pipes and prevent them from freezing. (If you have children, temporarily relocate any cleaning products to a place out of their reach.)

4) Let it flow. If the temperature outside is especially cold, allow your faucets to drip with lukewarm water. Just a trickle is enough to help prevent your pipes from freezing.

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