Safety First: How to Have a Safe July Fourth at Dahlgren (That Still Goes Off With a Bang!)

July 1, 2015

Between backyard sparklers and waterfront fireworks, few holidays can compete with the dazzle and sparkle of the Fourth of July. Still, during all of the excitement of our nation's birthday, it's important to maintain a focus on safety, particularly when children are involved! Below, find some fireworks safety tips to help you have a happy and safe July Fourth at Dahlgren!

1) Always supervise your children. Did you know that sparklers burn at 1,200 degrees? And that burns are the most common injury caused by fireworks? Remind your children to keep their sparklers at a safe distance from their own body (and the bodies of others), never point or throw sparklers, and never use fireworks indoors!

2) Prevent trash fires. Before disposing of spent sparklers and other common fireworks, wet them completely with a hose or soak them in a bucket of water. This will help prevent fires once they end up in the trash.

3) Leave it to the experts. The safest way to enjoy some patriotic pyrotechnics? By leaving the job to the pros! Attend a professional fireworks show instead of trying to recreate the magic on your own. After the show, don't allow children to pick up any spent fireworks (or "duds" at home, for that matter). There's a chance they could still be live!

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