Back-to-School-Time Is Fast Approaching, Dahlgren! Fete the Occasion With These Fun Back-to-School Family Traditions!

August 1, 2015

It's almost that special time again, Dahlgren: back-to-school time! You're probably feeling some mixed emotions (relief, anticipation, sadness) about your kids returning to school, so why not channel that energy into establishing a new family tradition? The blog Dating Divas has a cute roundup of 25 first day of school traditions, all of which can help ensure the upcoming school year gets off on the right foot. Here are some of our favorite ideas from the list!

1) Have a fashion show.
On the eve of the first day of school, have your kids model their first-day-of-school outfits during a fun fashion show. You could use chairs to create a runway in your living room at Dahlgren, and elect one person from your family to serve as the fashion show's announcer.

2) Bake (and decorate) a giant cookie.
Greet your kids after their first day of school with a giant cookie or cake decorated with a congratulatory saying, like "Happy first day of school!" or "You did it!" Let them nibble the sweet as they tell you all about their new teachers, or save the treat for after dinner.

3) Make a time capsule.
Sometime before the school year commences, have your children write down their goals for the new school year. You could also include their accomplishments from the previous school year, as well as some of their favorite moments from the summer. Before they head to the school bus, snap a picture to tuck into the time capsule. Then, at the end of the year, have fun reviewing the contents of the capsule!

To read the list in full, click over to 25 FUN First Day of School Traditions on!

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