Kids Heading Back to School, Dahlgren? Read These Back-to-School Saving Tips!

August 15, 2015

Back-to-school time means the return of something other than homework and report cards: more frequent partings with our hard-earned cash! Because between the new clothes, gym shoes, and school supplies, bank accounts can really take a hit ($670 per child, according to Bankrate!). Below, find a few saving tips to help you start the new school year on a frugal foot!

1) Host a clothing and supplies swap at Dahlgren. This is especially effective if you have a network of friends and family with kids of different ages and genders!. Invite everyone to bring over a set amount of their kids' unused, unwanted, or outgrown items. From last year's calculators and art supplies to too-small backpacks and unwanted sports equipment, the swap will be like a savings treasure hunt!

2) Set a budget. Read over your kids' lists of required school supplies, then reference your bank or credit card statements from the last back-to-school season to get an idea of how much you'll be spending. Create a budget, giving first priority to the items on the list. If your kids are old enough to shop alone, consider giving them their budgeted amount in cash. That way, they'll be forced to spend wisely.

3) Keep an eye out for sales. Don't hesitate to comparison-shop or to request retailers to match competitors' coupons. If you come across a really great bargain on something essential (e.g. pens or notebooks), consider stocking up for next school year, too!

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