How to Help Dahlgen Trick-or-Treaters Have a Safe and Happy Halloween

October 1, 2015

You want your little ones to have a blast on Halloween, but more importantly, you want them to be safe. Before your kids head out the door at Dahlgren to go trick-or-treating on October 31, take a few moments to remind them of these very important safety tips!

1) Buddy up.
Kids old enough to venture out alone should do so in a group. Set a geographic boundary to ensure that your child doesn't wander too far, and be sure to set a curfew. No matter their age, kids should never approach a house alone. Younger kids (12 and under) should always be escorted by a trusted adult.

2) Look both ways.
​Remind children to only cross the street at crosswalks, and to look left, right, and left again before crossing. Instruct them to make eye contact with drivers to confirm that the driver sees them. That means putting away any cell phones while walking! Walk against traffic, don't run, and obey pedestrian traffic signs.

3) Dress safely.
To avoid trips and falls, parents and caregivers should double-check that their child's costume is neither too long nor too cumbersome; shoes should be practical. Hypoallergenic makeup should be used instead of sight-obstructing masks, and reflective tape should affixed to the child's costume. Glowsticks and flashlights will help your child to be seen by passing motorists.

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