Three Different Turkey Recipes to Try This Thanksgiving at Dahlgren

November 13, 2015

Nothing says Thanksgiving quite like a plateful of turkey — but that doesn't mean this seasonal dish can't be open to a little interpretation! Case in point: these three recipes recipes for turkey, each of which is sure to draw oohs and aahs from around the dinner table this November 26!

Herb Roasted Turkey Breast with Pan Gravy [Food Network]
Presented by Food Network star Rachael Ray, this recipe bastes the bird in butter infused with bay leaves. The turkey is served alongside a flavorful gravy made from the juices from the roasting pan, plus apple brandy and apple cider.

Tuscan-Style Turkey Alla Porchetta [Martha Stewart]
Here's something a little different: A whale-boned turkey is layered with slices of prosciutto, then rolled up and secured with twine. Each slice delivers the taste of light and dark meat, garlic, fennel, and savory herbs.

Chipotle-Butter Turkey [Food & Wine]
Minced chipotle chilies impart a deep, smoky flavor to this recipe from Food & Wine. First, the turkey is bathed in softened butter infused with herbs, garlic, and chipotles, then as the bird roasts, it's covered in cheesecloth coated in the same butter. The result is extra-juicy meat and crispy skin.

Sound off, Dahlgren: What's your go-to recipe for Thanksgiving turkey? Let us know!

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