Learn About New Year’s Eve Traditions Around the World!

January 1, 2017

In the US, you likely celebrate New Year's by watching the ball drop in Times Square, kissing your loved ones at midnight and maybe checking out a parade on New Year's Day. In countries around the world, however, there are a number of other fascinating New Year's Eve traditions. Here are just a few.

  • Brazil. In Brazil, people eat lentils to celebrate. The locals believe that lentil-based dishes represent wealth and prosperity in the new year.
  • Greece. In Greece, January 1 is known as Basil's Day. On this day, locals bake a special loaf of bread with a coin inside; whoever gets the piece of bread with the coin will have extra luck in the coming year!
  • Germany. The Germans love Christmas and New Year's, and they have many steadfast traditions for both holidays. On New Year's Eve, German people pour molten lava into cold water, and the shape that the lava takes represents what your upcoming year will look like. For example, a heart shape means that you'll find love, while an anchor shape means that you may face some troubles.
  • Austria. On New Year's Day, Austrians eat suckling pig, which represents good luck.
  • Puerto Rico. In Puerto Rico, people throw buckets of water out their windows and clean their homes top to bottom to rid their spaces of negative energy in the new year.
  • Wales. In Wales, people lock their back doors at the strike of midnight to "lock out" the previous year. Later, they open the door to "let in" in the new year.
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