Manage Your Money in 2018 With These Helpful Podcasts

January 24, 2018

If your New Year's resolution was to save money or even make more in 2018, then you're likely always on the hunt for new ways to stretch a dollar a bit further. Instead of stressing about every penny and spending hours looking at charts and graphs, educate yourself about your finances with these smart, money-savvy podcasts.

  • Millennial Money. For young people looking to get started saving, investing or even spending, this is the podcast to listen to. Described as "next-generation personal finance", Millennial Money will show young people how you can retire by 65 even if you don't have a traditional job.
  • Morningstar. Looking to start building an investment portfolio in 2018? Check out Morningstar, a podcast that offers investing insights and stock market tips, plus interviews with fund managers, directors of personal finance, and stock and fund analyst teams.
  • Side Hustle School. Do you have a passion project that you want to turn into your career? This podcast will show you how, with just 30 minutes each day, you can launch a "side hustle" doing whatever you like — whether it's photography, consulting or motorcycle maintenance.
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