What You Need to Know About Applying to Military Housing

February 20, 2018

If you're applying for military housing, you likely have a lot of questions — what you'll need to submit, what type of house you qualify for, and many more. Before you begin the application process, read up on our list of everything you need to know about applying to military housing.

  • Things you'll need to prepare:
    • Housing application cover sheet
    • Housing application form, DD1746
    • Current orders
    • Copy of your page 2, DD93, or DD1172 (Army)
    • Government issued ID for all applicants over 18
  • Lincoln Military Housing knows stressful it can be for a family preparing to move, which is why we offer ongoing fleet and family services, community events, and activities in each of our communities (in addition to the many other perks of military housing).
  • There are no credit checks or deposits required to live in military housing.
  • Gas, water, and average electricity usage is included in your rent at a Lincoln Military Housing building.
  • Your rental costs can be paid through the allotment system, which includes up to $10,000 in Personal Property Contents Coverage and all of the amenities and services of the community.
  • Other documents that may be required:
    • DA 31 (Army) Live-in aid approval by the HA
    • Power of Attorney
    • Exceptional Family Member paperwork
    • Current End of Month LES
  • Pregnant women must provide a medical pregnancy statement supplied by a physician (in order to qualify for a larger home)
  • People who share custody of dependent children must provide proof of legal custody (final decree documents) specifically stating that they are entitled to custody for at least 6 consecutive months a year in order to have dependents considered for eligibility.

Find out more about applying to military housing at the Lincoln Military website.

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