Is Your Future Written in the Stars, Dahlgren? Check Out Your 2016 Horoscope on These Fun Sites!

Whether you read your horoscope regularly or you're simply wondering what the stars have in store for you in the coming year, it's always fun to check out what astrologists predict for your zodiac sign. Here are a few reliable websites that will show you what you can expect in the New Year at Dahlgren.

Your 2016 Free Horoscope []
Did you have a rocky 2015? This site suggests that that turbulence could turn around for all of the signs come 2016. Prepare for a whole lot of evaluation and existential adjustment, especially if you're an Aries or Capricorn.

Your 2016 Horoscope, Revealed! [Refinery29]
After a Saturn in Scorpio that left everyone feeling a bit off-center, Refinery29's AstroTwins promise a much smoother start in 2016. Read on for a complete Planetary Planner for every month and every sign.

2016 Chinese Zodiac Forecast [Chinese Fortune Calendar]
According to the Chinese zodiac, 2016 is the year of the Red Monkey. While this means that your investments and savings could use a bit more attention to prevent any financial turbulence, it also implies that you should think twice before making any big life changes—both in your personal life and your professional one.

Learn How to Make a Great New Year’s Resolution at Dahlgren – And Make It Last Past January 1st!

It’s never easy to make a New Year’s resolution. While some people overestimate things and aim for something that’s impossible to achieve, others get nervous and give up after the first few days. Here are some foolproof tips not to help you create the perfect resolution, they’ll even motivate you to stick with your goals.

  • Choose something you want to do. If you already have the motivation to diet, travel or go for that dream job, it will be much easier to convince yourself to put in the work.
  • Limit yourself. Instead of choosing three or four resolutions, pick just one thing that will impact your life in a big way.
  • Map out a plan. Before the New Year rolls around, map out a plan for how you’ll put your resolution into effect. This will help you to get started immediately following the festivities.
  • Share it with others. To hold yourself accountable for your resolution, start talking about it with other people. While you may not mind letting yourself down, it’s a lot more difficult to face your friends and family if you give up on your goals.

Want more tips, Dahlgren? Check out the links below!
9 ways to keep your New Year's resolutions [Bankrate]
Making your New Year's resolution stick [American Psychological Association]
7 Steps For Making a New Year’s Resolution and Keeping It [Lifehack]

What’s Your Favorite Holiday Tradition, Dahlgren? Read About These Other Traditions From Around the Globe!

Here in the U.S., parades, tree lightings, and visits with Santa at the local mall are all common ways to celebrate the holiday season. But what about the rest of the world? What are some ways that other countries get in the holiday spirit? Read about some international seasonal celebrations below!

1) Christmas Markets []
Traditional Christmas markets are commonplace all around Europe during the holiday season. These nostalgic, old-fashioned markets are typically held outdoors and provide shoppers with an opportunity to complete their holiday shopping in a festive atmosphere. Regional handicrafts, seasonal decor, food, and drinks all are part of the experience.

2) Edinburgh’s Hogmanay Festival []
This three-day-long winter festival ushers in the New Year with a torchlight procession that winds its way through the city of Edinburgh, Scotland. More than 80,000 people are known to participate every year, creating a “river of fire” that illuminates the city streets. The procession takes place annually on Dec. 31.

3) New Year's in Russia []
New Year's Eve and New Year's Day are arguably the most anticipated holidays in Russia. The celebrations begin with a feast on the evening of Dec. 31, which usually involves traditional fare such as sparkling wine, stuffed cabbage, herring, and a medley of sweets. The next morning, children unwrap presents delivered by Father Frost during the night.

Sound off, Dahlgren: What are some of your favorite holiday traditions?

Deck the Halls at Dahlgren With These Easy Holiday Decorating Ideas

Looking for a way to decorate your home at Dahlgren for the holidays — without cutting in to your gift budget? There are many ways to fill your space with holiday cheer that only require more creativity and less cash. Here are just a few great decor ideas!

  • Make your own wreaths. Making your own wreath is much easier than you might think. Pick up a base wreath made of Styrofoam or wood, or even start with a standard wire clothes hanger bent into the shape of a circle. Then, just cover with eucalyptus, pine branches, holly, or colorful berries.
  • Fill vases with bulbs. If you have more bulbs and ornaments than you know what to do with, use them to fill clear vases for a quick centerpiece.
  • Hang garland. Buy live pine garland in bulk and drape it all over every bare surface: doorways, shelves, and anywhere else that needs some cheer.
  • Hang holiday cards. Use all of those cards that you get in the mail as decorations themselves. Use a removable putty to pin them to door frames, a wall, or even a bulletin board.
  • Make your own votives. Spray cheap votive candles with snow-like craft spray or metallic gold paint to create a festive look that’s perfect for your holiday dinner.

How to Decorate for Christmas [WikiHow]
Simple Ways to Decorate for Christmas [Better Homes and Gardens]
24 Cheap Christmas Decorations You Can Make Yourself [Reader’s Digest]

How to Help Dahlgen Trick-or-Treaters Have a Safe and Happy Halloween

You want your little ones to have a blast on Halloween, but more importantly, you want them to be safe. Before your kids head out the door at Dahlgren to go trick-or-treating on October 31, take a few moments to remind them of these very important safety tips!

1) Buddy up.
Kids old enough to venture out alone should do so in a group. Set a geographic boundary to ensure that your child doesn't wander too far, and be sure to set a curfew. No matter their age, kids should never approach a house alone. Younger kids (12 and under) should always be escorted by a trusted adult.

2) Look both ways.
​Remind children to only cross the street at crosswalks, and to look left, right, and left again before crossing. Instruct them to make eye contact with drivers to confirm that the driver sees them. That means putting away any cell phones while walking! Walk against traffic, don't run, and obey pedestrian traffic signs.

3) Dress safely.
To avoid trips and falls, parents and caregivers should double-check that their child's costume is neither too long nor too cumbersome; shoes should be practical. Hypoallergenic makeup should be used instead of sight-obstructing masks, and reflective tape should affixed to the child's costume. Glowsticks and flashlights will help your child to be seen by passing motorists.

For more Halloween safety tips, check out the links below!
Halloween Health and Safety Tips [CDC]
Halloween Safety Tips []
A Safe and Spooktacular Halloween []

Looking for Labor Day Events Near Dahlgren? Check Out the Events Page of!

Labor Day is fast approaching, and if you're lucky enough to be spending the day with friends and family, you might be looking for something fun and unique to do. That's why we're sharing this list of Labor Day things to do in Virginia!

Posted on the website of, the official tourism website of the commonwealth of Virginia, the roundup includes happenings from all over the state. As for what to do near Dahlgren, listed events include an annual Labor Day Festival in Herndon, a Middle-Eastern Festival in Alexandria, and an Apple Cider Festival in Bluemont.

Check out the website for the full listing of events, and tell us, Dahlgren residents: How will you be spending this Labor Day weekend?

Impress Your Friends and Family at Dahlgren With These 4 Fun Facts About Labor Day!

We all know that on the first Monday of every September, we're treated to a long holiday weekend, thanks to Labor Day. But what do you really know about this federal holiday and last hurrah of the summer season? Here a few facts that might surprise you!

1) Labor Day celebrates and recognizes the hard work of every person in America's civilian workforce — all 155 million of them!
2) The first Labor Day parade took place on September 5, 1882, in New York City. Approximately 100,000 workers marched in the parade, which was organized by the Central Labor Union.
3) Labor Day was made a federal holiday in 1894 by President Grover Cleveland.
4) During the late 19th century, workers were only given time off from work on July Fourth, Christmas, and every other Sunday. Children as young as 5 years old toiled in mines and factories!

Want to read more about Labor Day, Dahlgren? Check out the links below!

Labor Day []
Labor Day Fast Facts [CNN]
10 Labor Day Facts [Forbes]
10 little-known facts about American labor and Labor Day [KPCC]

Back-to-School-Time Is Fast Approaching, Dahlgren! Fete the Occasion With These Fun Back-to-School Family Traditions!

It's almost that special time again, Dahlgren: back-to-school time! You're probably feeling some mixed emotions (relief, anticipation, sadness) about your kids returning to school, so why not channel that energy into establishing a new family tradition? The blog Dating Divas has a cute roundup of 25 first day of school traditions, all of which can help ensure the upcoming school year gets off on the right foot. Here are some of our favorite ideas from the list!

1) Have a fashion show.
On the eve of the first day of school, have your kids model their first-day-of-school outfits during a fun fashion show. You could use chairs to create a runway in your living room at Dahlgren, and elect one person from your family to serve as the fashion show's announcer.

2) Bake (and decorate) a giant cookie.
Greet your kids after their first day of school with a giant cookie or cake decorated with a congratulatory saying, like "Happy first day of school!" or "You did it!" Let them nibble the sweet as they tell you all about their new teachers, or save the treat for after dinner.

3) Make a time capsule.
Sometime before the school year commences, have your children write down their goals for the new school year. You could also include their accomplishments from the previous school year, as well as some of their favorite moments from the summer. Before they head to the school bus, snap a picture to tuck into the time capsule. Then, at the end of the year, have fun reviewing the contents of the capsule!

To read the list in full, click over to 25 FUN First Day of School Traditions on!

Craving Chesapeake Bay Seafood? Here’s One of the Best Spots to Find It Near Dahlgren!

We're going to let you in on a little secret, Dahlgren residents: Denson's Grocery and R&B Oyster Bar might just be one of the area's most-loved spots for Chesapeake Bay seafood! A part of the local landscape since 1912, this family-owned and -operated grocery store-meets-deli is where savvy diners flock for oysters on the half shell, fried seafood baskets, and sandwiches piled high with deli meats.

Just like Denson's shines a spotlight on Chesapeake Bay seafood, the store also features locally sourced craft beer, wine, and seasonal produce, the latter arriving from Walnut Hill Farm in Leedstown, Va. What's more, Denson's popular ice cream stand features wholesome, made-from-scratch ice creams made by Trickling Springs Creamery in Chambersburg, Pa.

Denson's Grocery and R&B Oyster Bar is open year-round. Before heading over from Dahlgren, however, note that the store is closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Don't skip the Sunday brunch, and be sure to check out the store's Facebook page to keep tabs on special happenings and menus!

Denson's Grocery and R&B Oyster Bar
117 Washington Ave.
Colonial Beach, VA 22443
(804) 224-4121

Safety First: How to Have a Safe July Fourth at Dahlgren (That Still Goes Off With a Bang!)

Between backyard sparklers and waterfront fireworks, few holidays can compete with the dazzle and sparkle of the Fourth of July. Still, during all of the excitement of our nation's birthday, it's important to maintain a focus on safety, particularly when children are involved! Below, find some fireworks safety tips to help you have a happy and safe July Fourth at Dahlgren!

1) Always supervise your children. Did you know that sparklers burn at 1,200 degrees? And that burns are the most common injury caused by fireworks? Remind your children to keep their sparklers at a safe distance from their own body (and the bodies of others), never point or throw sparklers, and never use fireworks indoors!

2) Prevent trash fires. Before disposing of spent sparklers and other common fireworks, wet them completely with a hose or soak them in a bucket of water. This will help prevent fires once they end up in the trash.

3) Leave it to the experts. The safest way to enjoy some patriotic pyrotechnics? By leaving the job to the pros! Attend a professional fireworks show instead of trying to recreate the magic on your own. After the show, don't allow children to pick up any spent fireworks (or "duds" at home, for that matter). There's a chance they could still be live!

Recommended Safety Tips [ The National Council on Fireworks Safety, Inc.]
Fireworks Information Center [US Consumer Product Safety Commission]
Fireworks Safety Tips [National Fire Protection Association]
Fireworks Safety [KidsHealth]

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