Happy Flag Day, Dahlgren!

June 14 is Flag Day, a holiday that many Americans know little about. This patriotic holiday commemorates the day when our newly founded country adopted our current flag back on June 14, 1777, but it wasn't until 1916 when President Woodrow Wilson maade the hoiday official. In August of 1949, an Act of Congress established Flag Day, but it's still not recognized as an official federal holiday.

Here are some more facts about Flag Day:

  • Pennsylania was the first state to celebrate Flag Day as a state holiday.
  • The oldest Flag Day parade in the country is held in Fairfield, Washington. It began in 1909 or 1910.
  • The earliest written reference to Flag Day is cited in Kansas: a Cyclopedia of State History, published by Standard Publishing Company of Chicago in 1912. It credits George Morris of Hartford, Connecticut using the phrase.
  • In 1885, a schoolteacher named Bernard J. Cigrand held the first recognized formal observance of Flag Day at the Stony Hill School. Later, after he moved to Chicago, he held a public school children's celebration of Flag Day with more than 300,000 children.
  • William T. Kerr, a native of Pittsburgh, founded the American Flag Day Association of Western Pennsylvania in 1888.
  • Today, Americans are encouraged to fly an American flag during the week surrounding Flag Day.
  • Many local government buildings fly their flags and hold ceremonies celebrating the flag's history on Flag Day.

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Happy Flag Day, Dahlgren! Learn About the History of This Patriotic Holiday

Every year on June 14 the country celebrates Flag Day, a smaller holiday but one that is nonetheless very important. Since 1885, Flag Day has celebrated the American flag, its origins and the meaning behind this symbolic piece of American history. Here are just a few fun facts about the history of Flag Day.

  • In 1885, schoolteacher BJ Cigrand decided to hold a celebration in honor of the American flag's birthday at his school in Fredonia, Wisconsin. Just four years later, in 1889, the New York State Board of Education adopted Flag Day as an official holiday after kindergarten teacher George Balch planned his own celebrations.
  • On June 14, 1891, the Betsy Ross House in Philadelphia held its first Flag Day celebration.
  • On April 25, 1893, the Pennsylvania Society of Colonial Dames of America adopted a resolution saying that all Philadelphia mayors and private citizens display their flags on Flag Day.
  • The American Flag Day Association was formed in Illinois in 1894 to hold and promote Flag Day events and exercises. In its first year, the association organized a Chicago public school celebration with more than 300,000 children.
  • Flag Day was officially established in 1916 by President Woodrow Wilson. However, it wasn't until August of 1949 that Flag Day was signed into an Act of Congress by President Truman.

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